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Ocean Community Building – Middle of the Ocean

Energy still lagging a little, I took it easy in the gym today. It was the first day I didn’t do any weight training. The seas are getting rougher and today seemed like the worst yet. As I sat next to the window in the coffee bar, the white frothy waves kept me mesmerized. The ocean churned like a giant blender and even onboard this megaliner, I could feel it. The captain has altered our course so as to avoid the typhoon but we still feel some of the effects of it.

We ate lunch in the dining room once again which I find is a little nicer than fighting the crowds in the troughs. It’s the an eating competition up there on the Lido deck and it’s not hard to see who is winning. I am glad to have withdrew my entry. I haven’t taken a meal at the buffet for over a week. My hips have noticed.

I spent most of the afternoon at the coffee bar reading quietly in the corner. At the present moment I am in the middle of “the power of positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. I picked it up at a garage sale before I left home and now I can’t put it down. It’s very uplifting.

After eating dinner, we hurried off to the show which was the second production show I have seen onboard. It was called “Words and Music” and was inspired by broadway musicals. I didn’t love it as I found it too lackluster compared to the other nights vibrancy. The stage and props didn’t change and even the costumes were not all that special. If it would have been easier to escape without disturbing a whole row of people, I would have left after the first 10 mins. As it were, I sat there through the entire hour trying hard not to fall asleep.

There was a late night Friday night movie in the theater so we stocked up on chocolate brownies (still warm!), cookies and milk. It was a veritable chocolate feast! We took our stash down to our seats to wait for the show to start. Needless to say, the sugar mountain didn’t make it even to the opening credits. I felt a pang of guilt as licked my gooey fingers and slurped up the last of my tall glass of ice cold milk. Sure enough, I crashed about half way through the movie. And how. It was a serious struggle not to slide right off my seat onto the floor into a sleepy puddle.

To be honest, I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow.

Grateful for sweet highs and lows.

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Time Warps – Sea Day

I rose extra early today and didn’t even fight it. I just dressed and made my way up to the breakfast. I took my time as I knew the gym wouldn’t even be open yet and I would have to wait. There is nothing worse than standing outside the doors with a bunch of undercaffinated, sleep-deprived geezers who love to complain. I try to ignore their impatient ramblings by stuffing my headphones in and cranking the psytrance.

Having the pressure to use my time wisely, I find myself more motivated to workout harder. I run at full tilt not knowing when I way get my chance back on the treadmill. I have also added the recumbent bike to my repertoire.

I watched the morning breakfast show which the cruise director and his sidekick record every morning while I plugged away. They usually go through the Princess Patter (the menu of the things to do) item by item adding in the odd joke here and there. It’s a nice way to absorb the content of the schedule without having to read it.

Today they also read my little poem that I had submitted the day before for all those who may be missing Wednesday September 23, 2009…a day we will never get back. Here is how it read:

To the Day That Never Was:

You were the day I was supposed to fall down the stairs. You were the day my hair just wouldn’t work. You were the day my iPod fell in the toilet. You were the day that I lost my favorite sweater. You were the day that I missed the boat. You were the day that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. What a wacky Wednesday that would have been! How magically wonderful to get that day out of the way.

After lunch, I checked out the art auction again but ended up leaving half way through. I wanted to attend a seminar on writing and publishing. I got a few good tips from the author speaking but nothing too inspiring. Now I am just tapping away at my keyboard down in the coffee bar which isn’t nearly as packed as it has been of late. I wonder where everyone is?

Dinner was fine in the Savoy dining room once again. I personally really enjoy this space with the deep dark wood and rich elegance accented in the décor. My energy levels are quite low in the evening so I try not to expend too much. We drifted into the art gallery to peruse the works on offer. There were a few Godard pieces as well as my favorite, Wylan. I felt very refined as I drank in the talent on display.

While I was admiring the fine art, my ear perked up to a melody being played in the distance. I couldn’t help but find myself drawn to it as I climbed the stairs up two levels to the piano bar to investigate further. I discovered an exuberant and gifted young man performing for a very crowded Crooners Piano Bar.

It was my second night enjoying Martin Kaye, music aficionado who we privilege to experience on board the Diamond Princess. This up and coming star pours his heart and soul into his act and hooks anyone who is within earshot. His antics of jumping off tables and weaving serious comedy into his routine brought up my energy levels exponentially. He even played my special request, Fields of Gold, with precision and flair. I went to bed happy that night, feeling lucky to witness inspirational creativity.

Grateful for artists.

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