Approaching the Day That Never Was – Bering Sea

Every night the time goes back an hour. This has been going on for days and to be honest, I don’t even know what time it is, what day it is, or even what month it is. I am so mixed up. But here’s the kicker. On my laptop it says 3:26am Wednesday Sept 23. But in actuality, it is 10:27pm Tuesday Sept 22. In a matter of hours, it will be Thursday. Yes, you heard me right. Wednesday Sept 23 doesn’t exist for me. We are just about to cross the International Date Line.

Today I worked out after breakfast then went for a second breakfast consisting of more protein. It came in the shape of an omlette and was stuffed with spinach, mushroom, onion, and tomato. Next I headed with m passport to the Japanese Immigration area where we had to get finger printed and photographed. It was a little strange but was quick and painless.

I settled into a seat at the coffee bar and intended to read but ended up playing cards instead. It was a form of rummy that I hadn’t played before but I thoroughly enjoyed learning and the conversation with my teachers. Jack and Jane met on a blind date 49 years ago. They even said I could use the blender in their room to make green smoothies if I wanted. J They said they knew right away that the other was the one. I was fascinated. They were very cute together and seemed well matched.

I read a little while before lunch in near the back of the ship. We are really motoring right now and in some areas you can really feel it. Our table was pretty loud with the engines nearby and the not so subtle vibration made for an interesting meal. I learned that I like iced tea with milk but that I still don’t love brussel sprouts.

I made my way back to the coffee bar again to read a little more but ended up getting distracted too much to really get into my book. People watching on cruiseships should really be an Olympic sport. It can also be quite entertaining to eavesdrop on conversations happening at the next table. That is, if you understand the language. I was sandwiched between a couple speaking Japanese and another speaking Spanish. I did my best to practice my Spanish but realize that these two were too quick for me as they bantered while playing monopoly.

I was elated to learn that the boys at the coffee bar would let me create a new drink. I had seen this recipe in my fitness magazine and was excited to try it out. I just so happened to have all the ingredients in my room so I went to retrieve them. They seemed apprehensive when I unloaded my bag on the counter. But their curiosity overcame them and they blended the banana, pear, walnuts, yogurt, ice and two shots of espresso in the vitamix. My Banana Coffee Crunch was tasty indeed and I thanked them profusely before hurrying off to my movie. I watched “Game 6” with Micheal Keaton but I didn’t love it. I am glad it was short.

I attempted a nap when I came back to the room and found Marshan sleeping. I tossed and turned so eventually I gave up because it just didn’t take. I slipped up to the gym for a little walk before dinner.

We were meeting Janet and Greg from Australia at the Pacific Moon restaurant at 6:30pm. I turned up and the others were already there. After a bit of arm twisting, the staff finally got it together and seated us. It was not the best table, that is for sure. It was an even heavier vibration than the one at lunch and apparently 3 groups had already asked to be moved from it. We were already short on time so I suggested we just sit there and “pretend we are on a boat”. Greg and I laughed, remembering our fishing trip in Ketchikan.

Dinner was scrumptious but the atmosphere and service were lacking. I would not likely go there again. It was the least organized and inviting of all the restaurants I had been to so far. I did happen to have the most delicate and finest textured calamari I have ever tasted in my life. It made every other squid that has passed my lips seem inferior by far. So perfectly tender!

We ate up our meals then bid each other adieu as they were going to a different show than us. Marshan and I wanted to see the professional pickpocket, Bob Arno. It was intriguing and actually quite educational to watch him demonstrate how thieves work. The profiling and psychology of the whole concept appealed to me. I made several mental notes on the tips he was sharing to ensure I don’t ever become a victim of this crime.

I am really feeling quite tired lately especially since the time keeps on changing. Now we have lost an entire day! I have been trying to adjust myself naturally but it isn’t so easy. I think the fact that I am exercising is helping regulate me a lot though so I will make sure to keep that top priority.

Grateful for the International Date Line.

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