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Ebb and Flow – Bering Sea Day

This morning I felt slightly tired and had a harder time getting to the gym than usual. The ship was moving quite a lot last night and I seemed to be sensitive to it. As a drifted through my workout feeling somewhat woozy and not quite there, I noticed the gym had quite a strange energy. It seems that there is something of a riot in the makings.

Even though the gym opens at 7am, apparently that is not soon enough for some of the real keeners. There is always a 5-10 minute wait for a treadmill or elliptical in the mornings. For some, especially the impatient older folk, this will just not do and they are not shy in letting everyone know. When you see two grumpy old men about to start a brawl over a recumbent bike, you have to laugh.

I certainly see the comedy here but believe you me, I am definitely aware of the shrewd eyes hovering over my shoulders at my digital timer ticking its way to my 30 minute time limit. The wrath of the geezers is not worth the extra few calories I may burn off. I don’t dare test their patience. I suppose on sea days, Princess may be better off increasing their gym hours so the oldies can sweat out their extra energy rather than duking it out with each other.

Everything went a little slower this morning and I realized that today would be a good day to slow down…take it easy…and give myself a break. If I have learned anything over the past few months, it’s to listen to these subtle body signs. When I have arrogantly ignored them in the past, I inevitably get whacked across the head. So today would be a soft easy day with allowance for slight indulgence.

For lunch I had my usual fish and veggies but treated myself to creamy blueberry frozen yogurt atop blueberry pancakes for dessert. It was heavenly and I justified the generous portion size with the fact that blueberries are full of antioxidants. Sure.

We wandered up to the art auction and I realized that I had never been to one of these before. I liked some of the more vibrant pieces but there was no way I could spend 5 grand on a painting. In the end, I actually won a piece from the raffle but I am not sure I want to pay the $30 shipping to send it home. It’s a warm print of a sunset over the sea but not something I would normally buy. I supposed therein lies the answer to that conundrum.

We all decided to go to Afternoon Tea at 3:30pm and felt quite excited about the prospect of participating in this distinguished English custom. I have never been and it was truly a unique experience. The waiters all wore white gloves while they poured us steaming hot tea and served us clotted cream and jam with our freshly baked warm scones. We were continuously offered a selection of little finger sandwiches, pretty cakes and bite size cookies. Needless to say, by the end of tea time, I was pleasantly stuffed. The whole ritual was quite elegant and I will be sure to try it again. I think it shall have to wait a while though because those scones and cream are not low fat, that is for sure.

I am now again in my favorite spot listening to the string quartet watching the ladies and gents milling about. Tonight is formal night and on this cruise line they are quite serious about it. Most people comply with the jacket and tie requirement and the women are most always in stylish gowns. Dressed to the nines, the passengers shine and the whole ship seems to take on a classier tone.

After another walk on the treadmill before dinner to work off those scones, I dressed up for the evening. I threw in a load of laundry on my way down to dinner so that I would have a fresh batch of clothes tomorrow. I tried to hurry through the main lobby but I was stopped by a few familiar faces from the gym.

When I finally made it to the Santa Fe themed restaurant, my tablemates were already waiting. Dinner was yum, as usual and the service as well was spot on. I even had my favorite vanilla honey frozen yogurt for dessert. Yum.

DnD accompanied us to the laundry room to pick up our clean clothes then back to our room. I had promised to give them some of our fruit stash since we were in such an abundance. I was happy to share with them because we had so much and they didn’t have any. So now we are down to two heaping bowls and the rest is being enjoyed by our friends down on the Plaza deck.

The scurried off with their take after we promised to meet them down in the theatre for the show. The production was called Ports of Call and it was their opening night. They showcased places such as Italy, Polynesia, England, Spain China and even Alaska. I thought the entertainers did a fantastic job and I was especially impressed that even the cruise director, Peter, sang the Australia song near the end. I noticed that a lot of the dancers had mics on and realized that they were all singing along in parts. That’s something I haven’t seen before as usually the singing is done by just one or two at the most. Most of the time I don’t usually want to go to the shows at night but once I get there I am really happy I did. This time was no exception.

Grateful for making new memories.

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