Cruising College Fjord

I was up rather early but took my time getting to the gym. At breakfast, I met quite an interesting character who captivated me with his storytelling. I realized that there are different levels of connection and that I should never judge a book by its cover. I could meet someone for just a few minutes and receive the gift of sharing a true moment. On the other hand, someone I had known for a decade has turned out to be a major flake and I spent some of the day sad about that. But I guess sometimes people outgrown each other. It is what it is.

I discovered a new machine in the gym today called an Arctrainer. It’s like an elliptical and replicates the smooth motion of cross country skiing. I spent a good few hours in the gym working off some steam. Then I met up with Greg and Janet from Australia to share some photos from the fishing trip. I took a gander at their view off their balcony and thought how nice it would be to have had the view of Alaskan mountains upon waking. Extravagant, at least.

We went for lunch and met a bunch of other people who were also good conversationalists. I was lucky today with meeting people to fill the void. I guess that is how a vacuum works. With our tummies full, we headed to the Princess theatre to watch a show on the big screen. It was called “Sunshine Cleaning” and was a nice change from the typical Hollywood blockbuster.

We were nearing College Fjord so I made my way down to my cabin to suit up for the cold. I thought I could multi-task a bit and walk around the promenade deck while viewing the nature. Every 2.5 laps = 1 mile and so I did just under 3 miles before my camera battery went dead. I decided to grab my charger and continue my work out in the gym so I could plug in. I was able to listen to the commentary on the TV while watching as the ship approached Harvard Glacier.

I took it all in while I finished my workout then made my way outside into the cold for some photo ops. I went a little snaphappy like the rest of the passengers who were gazing at the collection of glaciers in the Fjord named after famous schools. We were lucky enough to have sunshine which took the bite out of the air for a little while until the wind kicked up.

Dinner was fantastic as they were serving my favorite, Turkey dinner. I gobbled it up and thanked the staff for the special care. I was dining alone tonight so they were extra attentive to ensure I was comfortable and happy. I gazed out at the mammoth hunks of ice burg floating just outside my window. As I let my eyes drift up I watched the last bits of sun lighting up the very tips of the snow capped mountain tops. Then seconds later the shadow enveloped even that.

I completed a bit of the communal jigsaw puzzle in the library before heading back to the room. After tidying up the room a bit to make sure it was ready for my new cabin mate who arrives tomorrow, I am now comfy snuggled up in my duvet. The TV is on in the background and I noticed they have a fitness channel which demonstrates exercises one can do in their stateroom. That was something new I haven’t seen onboard a cruise before. With each passing day, I am feeling happier and more content, discovering new things to be grateful for.

Grateful for raising my standards.

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