Breathing Easier – Whittier

This morning I finally slept in. I barely saw Darren over the past couple days and to be honest, things between us were a tad uncomfortable. I suppose I should have seen this coming when our friendship had begun dissolving last month due to a breakdown in communication. This trip merely accelerated the process and I am grateful to have learned that clearly, we are not travel compatible. We didn’t even say a proper goodbye but I guess that is indicative of how bad things had gotten.

I felt my spirit lighten quite noticeably after he left as I bounced up to my breakfast and to the gym. I had a lot of energy and I plowed through a good 2 hours before letting up at all. After some relaxing floor work, I found my way out of the gym not completely satisfied with my output but promising myself that I would come back for more later.

I made my way down across to the back of the ship to the formal dining room. I was looking forward to a quick lunch so I could get off the ship and find some cheap (if not free) wi-fi in our current port, Whittier. As the maître’d kept seating people at my table, I realized a quiet lunch was not what he had planned for me. I decided to make the best of it and chatted with my lively tablemates.

After my meal, I padded down the hallways and stairs to the waiting gangway. It was surprisingly warm and sunny out making me overdressed in my several layers and cap. I wandered around with my laptop open looking for a signal but wasn’t having any luck. I decided to go further into the tiny little town to see if there was something there.

Next to where we were docked, there was a quaint hotel which lo and behold offered free wi-fi. I thanked the kind ladies behind the desk and perched myself in the big chair by the fireplace. The place felt new but I could tell they were trying for cozy.

After getting a bunch of emails answered and banking stuff done, I was able to relax a bit. I am at sea for the next week and wanted to make sure that I had tied up any major loose ends.

I found my way back to the ship and discovered my new roommate, Marshan, had arrived. We hugged and gave each other the coles notes version of our past week. Somehow, I don’t know how we did it, we inadvertently missed the muster drill. Opps!

After we were all caught up, I went back to the gym for round two. I had a great run and caught up on some CNN news. Nothing really interesting going on in the world so I changed the channel to watch the ship cam as we pulled out. It was quite picturesque with all the mountains around us and the sun glimmering off the water.

After my shower, Marshan and I met up with Doug and his friend Darren (different than last weeks Darren) for dinner. We exchanged niceties and then shared stories while we ate. After the yummy flourless chocolate cake that I had recommended from past experience, we all headed for a walk. Doug wanted to see the casino as it is one of his favorite pastimes, but we didn’t stay there for long. It was rather smoky for my taste and even though he had guided us to the non-smoking section, the stench still hung in the air.

We explored a little further and discovered the Theatre where an almost packed audience were listening to the band in anticipation of the Welcome Aboard Show. We glided into the nearby set of seats and took in the performance as well.

After a brief intro of the entertainment staff, a comedian came out. It was quite funny to me and I actually had to tone down my chuckles because I was clearly enjoying it more than the others. I wondered if everyone was asleep or I just had a very odd sense of humor. In the end, I didn’t really care. I got my belly exercise for the day and this was just icing on the cake. I felt a little bad for the guy on the stage though. Tough crowd!

Now I am just about to hit the hay and wonder what time I will wake tomorrow. The seas are a little more rough than they have been and I can definitely feel the motion of the ocean. All in all, today was markedly better than all of the rest on this trip so far.

Grateful for release.

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