Making Progress – Skagway

This morning I was up and at’er at 7am. After a small snack to kick start my metabolism, I did some work on the treadmill. Then I hit the stretching class which is light and airy but I like the group energy. Next I threw some weights around and pushed some more cardio before having a protein filled omelette. I was sweaty and red faced as I had run from the gym to get to the breakfast station before it closed. The egg dude seemed amused and I was touched when he took the initiative to design me a special dish according to what he thought I needed.

I was in great spirits as I headed into the small (and I mean tiny) town of Skagway. I am pretty positive I have been here before and remembered the train and old fashioned buildings. It reminded me a lot of Fort Edmonton except is nestled into the mountains. Even though it was overcast and rainy, I took lots of photos as there were so many pretty scenes.

I kind of purposely set out on my own today so as to get my missions accomplished. Not like yesterday. First thing, I found several stores with headphones. In fact, the Radio Shack had a real selection and carried my favorite brands. After much deliberation, I settled on a new type of SkullCandy ear buds. These ones kind of wrap around the ear which will be perfect while I am working out. The Skagway RadioShack seems to have a sort of flaw in their pricing system as there were lots of different levels and extra options that all cost the same. Needless to say, I got a stylin’ red set with a mic and volume adjust for the same price as their most basic plain jane model. Score.

Next I hit the local grocery store where I found my bottle of detergent. I was tempted to buy these strange new 3-in-1 washer/dryer sheets but I passed. They would be perfect for traveling because of their lightweight and size but I don’t need fabric softener or cling-free. I got a bottle with 30 loads which I know is excessive for a 5 week trip but my fishing buddy Greg and wife are taking half.

Though it had started to drizzle, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was grinning stupidly to everyone who crossed my path. I was feeling happy and excited to get back to the ship and wash some clothes. I don’t know why but it really is the simple things that do it for me. There is really nothing like having freshly cleaned laundry.

After a nice lunch in the dining room where I chose potato pancakes and trout, I went back to the gym. I sweated it out a little, then threw a load in the washer. I donned my swimsuit and headed to the pool for some laps. Still in my robe, I picked up my damp sweet smelling clothes and carted them down the hall to my room.

Darren and I took some cards from the Taboo game I had borrowed from the library to play at dinner. We took turns trying to make the other guess the subject without saying the obvious clues. It was fun and by the end, I figured we were getting pretty good at it. I was happy to have my red cabbage again and it tasted even better with the Alaskan King crab legs that was on offer.

I tried to order the honey-vanilla frozen yogurt that had delighted me at lunch but apparently they were out. The head kitchen dude came to my table to assure me they would make sure they would have it for me tomorrow and every day after that. I wondered if this was such a good thing considering I am trying to lose weight, not gain. It is proving quite difficult to drop pounds when there are so many tasty treats being shoved in your face every five minutes. Darren and I agreed that the “dessert pushers” were relentless and wondered if they got some kind of commission based on the sugar consumption of the passengers.

I am pretty exhausted now and think I should turn in early. Tomorrow we are finally cruising Glacier Bay which is the highlight of this trip. I missed it last time I did this itinerary back in Sept 2001. They cancelled all the good stuff due to 9/11 occurring on Day 2 of our trip. Suffice to say, this cruise has been quite an improvement on my last somber experience with Alaska.

Grateful for being responsible for my own happiness. And clean clothes.

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