Staying fit on the Ship

I woke up really early today although I didn’t plan to. I tried to sleep in but I supposed that my internal clock wanted me up and in the gym. I tried to get myself sorted as quietly as I could so as not to wake up my roommate.

There were a few early birds wandering around the otherwise very quiet sleeping ship. The coffee shop wasn’t open yet so I headed up to the lido deck to grab a tea. Next I wandered over for some fitness but I was about 15 minutes early. I plopped myself down on a chair and watched the other hardcore health nuts pace impatiently in front of the locked gym door.

After logging a half hour on the treadmill, I squeezed myself into the overfilled stretch class. Back on the treadmill again, I watched half a movie (Bedtime Stories…Keri Russell wasn‘t able to save this Adam Sandler flop) before listening to my grumbling tummy. It was commanding some food so I grabbed a light breakfast in the busy buffet breakfast area. After noshing on some fruit, muslei, and yogurt, I felt pleasantly satiated. I was really glad to have passed up the typical eggs, bacon, and carb-fest that is available in spades at the breakfast buffet. I can only imagine what a lump I would feel like if I took part in that madness.

I took a coffee while watching the fruit and vegetable carving demonstration. It was fascinating how quickly and masterfully they made elaborate flowers out of watermelons. I chuckled at the bunny, monkey, and various cartoonish characters they produced out of cantalope, broccoli, zucchini, grapefruit and the like.

I found a peaceful quiet space up in the Skywalkers Lounge where I almost fell asleep. Just then, a group of excited Cruise Critic members showed for the meet up. I surveyed the group of mostly older couples and decided not to join them. I felt a little too subdued to try and muster up the energy for a meet and greet.

I made my way down to the room to discover a note from Darren who had indicated that he had gone swimming. I decided to read for a while down by the coffee bar when suddenly he showed up. We took a stroll through to the library then decided to go for lunch. There was a mediocre sushi bar which we both joked must have been made with rice from Japan from the last time around. All the soya sauce and wasabi in the world couldn’t revive this maki. I found a pile of juicy sweet watermelon which pleased my palate more.

Next I thought it would be nice to take a nap since I didn’t really sleep well. I laid in bed for some time before realizing that no, I wasn’t going to sleep after all. I guess the rest was sufficient though because I bounced out of bed and to the gym where I was able to crank out a solid upper body session. I am a little miffed that I my headphones seem to be failing because they are an integral component of my program. I will have to see if I can secure some in Alaska because apparently, according to an Asian couple I met in the hot tub, Japan is not a good place to go shopping.

After raising my body temperature exponentially, I slipped into the much cooler pool for some laps. The ship must have slowed down quite a bit as the water was quiet calm compared to the sloshing waves of this morning. I really enjoyed the gentle yet satisfying stretches twisting around the swimming pool gave me. I vowed to make a refreshing dip a part of my daily routine.

It was formal night but Darren and I skipped the monkey suit circus instead heading to the buffet. It was much more tame and orderly than the gong show that was lunch. I discovered some succulent spiced shrimp and paired them up with some fresh pineapple. Yum. For dessert I was able harness my self control, bypassing the cakes and ice cream completely. I opted for a healthy yogurt, apple, and walnut concoction I put together. It was most delightful and I recognized that this lighter choice will not only be happy on my lips, but more forgiving on my hips.

It is only day two of this 5 week voyage but already I am creating some discoveries that will likely keep me happy to the end. As long as I stay active, regulate my food portions, and keep peaceful, I should be able to stay in balance.

Grateful for swimming.

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