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Natural Health Plan

One of my recent goals has been to achieve a high state of health which means stabilizing my energy levels and losing a bit of extra weight. I enlisted the lady who knows best about these things. Mom has been teaching me about eating raw vegan and sharing with me her innate knowledge of all things natural.

Along with reading up on health matters, I have been introducing mom to Earths General Stores’ free media library. Here there are critical documentaries and oodles of activist information. I have developed some pretty great recipes including ginger pear chips and the best fruit salad you ever did taste.

One of our staples is green smoothies which we usually drink a jar of every day. Mom likes to include avocados and bananas in hers. I like to use beets, apples (picked fresh of the tree), raspberries, and blueberries. We both add lots of greens like kale, lettuce, dandylions, various flowers and edible weeds. The cool thing is that no two ever taste the same. It’s like a daily health masterpiece and I love testing out new flavors. Luckily, we brought the Vita-Mix (the Rolls Royce of blenders) which is an integral part of the smoothie operation.

Grateful for preventative health plan.

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