Soaking up the last bits of Summer

Well, summer is officially over. That means its almost time for me to leave. My plan was to stick around for the hottest months camping, bonding with my family, regaining my health, and preparing for my next big adventure. Mission accomplished.

I was able to get out into nature quite a bit over the past few months. My mom and I decided we could squeeze in one last three day stint out at Lake Miquelon Provincial Park. I believe the kids went back to school today which is why the campground seems relatively quiet even though we are placed next door to the play park.

Last time we were out here we stuffed our faces with the biggest juiciest Saskatoons ever. Our hands and mouths were stained purple for the duration of the trip. I was on a mission to find out if one could overdose on these wild blueberry-like delights. We plucked them right off the forest of trees which were hanging heavy with the fruits. They had matured into the size of small grapes and were bursting with flavor. We talked about making a pie (or ten) but alas, I couldn’t control myself to save any. My appetite was insatiable. Although we gathered darned near a bushel, I couldn’t pass a tree without nabbing a couple and popping them in my mouth.

There are several walking tracks such as the Beaver Loop, the Fox Loop, and the Grouse Loop, the latter being almost 4km. Though we spent a couple days exploring, we didn’t encounter any other hikers on the hilly tree canopied trails.

My favorite part was discovering the old broken down abandoned homestead hidden along the path. As my mom and I peeked into the dark wooden shell of a farmhouse, I imagined what the family who lived here must have been like. My mom wondered out loud how many babies would have been born here. What a peaceful place to choose to live, nestled deep in the lush forest.

Grateful for wild berries.

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