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A bite of the Big Apple

I made my way to the gym faithfully everyday to offset the Melted Chocolate Cake that I consumed religiously every evening. It was to die for and even as I write these words, I salivate wistfully remembering the sweet rich gooey dessert. I was glad to have televisions on the treadmills so I could distract myself from the miles and miles it would take to burn off the calories.

The main topic of conversation throughout the trip was that of the passing of Michael Jackson. They played his songs over the sound systems whenever music was appropriate. In the last show of the last night, a tear came to my eye as the dancers paid tribute to the pop icon during their performance.

After we disembarked from the ship, I met up with my friend Mike who I hadn’t seen for seven years since New Zealand. We caught up over fries and a turkey burger next the water alongside the financial district where he worked.

It was the first time I saw the World Trade Center remains and looked up at the adjacent hotel where I stayed just months before 9/11. I remember peering across through the glass window of my room deliberating with my ex-fiancee if we should go up to the lookout at the top of the Twin Towers. Then suddenly came the weirdest freak rainstorm pelted Manhattan…so we never did. It’s strange to me that there is still a huge gaping hole 8 years later. I heard that they are going to rebuild and I see all the construction chaos but it doesn’t seem like anything has been started yet.

I made my way back to Harlem and said goodbye to Marshan. Then I packed my bag and met up with Sarah who kept me company on the 45 min bus ride to the airport. After a long day of traveling from planes, trains, automobiles, I was relieved when we finally touched down in Edmonton. I was delighted when a motherly lady named Jennifer sitting next to me on the plane insisted she drive me home rather than having me SkyShuttle so late at night. After enduring a barrage of kitty kisses from a overjoyed Monster, I fell into my big comfy bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Grateful for different modes of transportation.

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