Donut Collecting – Union Square, New York

I was able to meet my long lost friend Sarah from Sudan who worked in the Chrysler Building. We attempted to compact 7 years of our lives into an hour while sipping on frozen coffees. Obviously, we ran out of time and vowed to meet up again the next day and have a proper visit.

I hurried along into the subway and made my way to Union Square where I was to meet Moniquea. I found the “man on the horse” but realized I must have just missed her. I caught up to her and her friend at the restaurant. I wasn’t able to finish my lunch but I did somehow find room for the donut that followed.

The air was hot and sticky as we ambled down the streets popping into the Donut Pub, the Pickle Guys, Economy Candy, and the Donut Plant. We explored a market that housed all sorts of interesting delights. We sampled what may well be the most disgusting cheese I have ever tasted. It was like a whole mouthful of farm. Gross.

I decided to test some commercially made kombucha which has a distinct vinagery flavor. It is supposed to have more than a billion live organisms inside and is touted as very healthy. I guess I hoped it offset the four donuts and muffins that had stolen away into my belly.

Grateful for donuts.

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