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Landing in New York – Queens, New York

After flying all day, with one stop in Minneapolis, I landed in La Guardia airport in New York. Just married and newly transplanted Canadian friends Moniquea and Colin were waiting for me with open arms. We rode a bus and a train to their flat in Queens, catching up all the while.

As we were all a little peckish, we wandered down the street to find a bite to eat. We finally settled on a little Thai place with quirky bright colored décor. We left with full bellies and padded our way back home as the sun went down. I loved checking out the vibrant fruit stands outside the markets and the various bakeries selling their flakey treats.

The next day, I made my way into Manhattan where I would spend time exploring. Since I have been to New York many times before, I bypassed the typical tourist traps. Instead I found my way into the giant New York Public Library thinking I would be in the presence of billions of books.

Down at the bottom of the stairs I found rooms full of genealogy reference materials and a small children’s library. I climbed up to the top of the stairs and found high ceilings painted with exquisite murals. The woodwork and marble created quite an elegant atmosphere. It was no wonder that Carrie from Sex and the City chose this venue for her wedding.

I made my way further into the large halls filled with long dark wooden tables and chairs. I admired the classy chandeliers complimenting the natural light streaming through the huge windows. The only thing missing from this library was the books! There were a few stacks lining the outer walls but not nearly enough to call this a proper lending institution.

One of the security guards informed me that this was a reference library and books were ordered from other floors and picked up from the wickets. People were not to take books away from this building. Well, now it all started to make sense.

Grateful for books.

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