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Like riding a bike – Edmonton, AB

I barely slept last night but I still can’t decide if it was from nerves or excitement. Though I have been taking all the proper steps to begin traveling again, it was a little scary. I have been systematically uprooting my life in Edmonton so that this fall, I am able to embark on some extended travels. But for some strange reason, I felt funny yesterday when I was trying to pack.

After I smushed all my clothes into my packing cube, I was surprised at how little space it took up. Wait a second, do I really pack this light? I checked if I had forgotten anything and sure enough, I have not lost my talent for minimalist living. It all fit snugly into my good ol’ black backpack, the one with flags sewn all over and around it.

After wrapping up some tenant stuff, I was able to comfortably put that “business” behind me for the time being. I had a fudgicle marathon with my Mom, who shared with me her knowledge of tree identification as we strolled home from the store. I now know the difference between spruce and pine trees as well as what parts are good to eat.

After Dad drove me to the airport this morning, I fell right back into the traveling groove. I loved that I didn’t have to worry about checking anything. Carefree carry on is where its at. I love that security and customs (and the lines that go with them) no longer intimidate or annoy me. I love that I don’t worry or visualize all the terrible things that could happen to the plane while waiting to take off. I love that for the first time in a long time, I am smiling for no apparent reason. I am aware of the river of confident excitement running faster and deeper that it has in a very long time.

Grateful for skills.

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