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My London Home – Bulford, England

We made the hurried and frantic escape from Norway onto the cheap RyanAir flight to London. I admit, I began to feel the difference between traveling solo and having to consider another body in my plans. I suppose, looking back, I feel that this has grown me. Ultimately what may seem difficult on the surface, is usually designed to teach a lesson…or two.

I was both overjoyed and relieved to see Sonya and Ben saunter up to us at the airport. My longest friend in the world who I had lost to England years ago, remains a steady source of comfort to me. In the meantime, she had spawned a child who is arguably one of the cuter in his variety. Little Ben and Big Ben played in the backseat while we made the 3 hour drive back to Andover, where we would be staying for the next few days. What kind of friend would drive three hours each way with a two year old to fetch her girlfriend from the airport? Sonya, who I claimed was my sister all through high school. People still ask me how my sister is…I always have to ask, which one.

Something inside me felt warm and reaffirming as I watched the green countryside pass us by. Sonya and I chattered on non-stop, picking up as if not a moment had passed since our last meeting. In reality, it had been years. You’d never know it.

After a delicious and filling falafel feast, I was ready for an early night. As home as I had felt in Norway with Kat, I felt doubly as much now. Sonya is like family to me and I missed her terribly. I have to say though, when your best friend has a little baby, it is a strange admission. Suddenly, there is this little prototype of one of your favorite people in the world. I had an instant love for this little young man, who could capture the heart of anyone, I am sure. I generally don’t like kids as I find them somewhat distracting and tedious, but this one had me questioning that line of thought.

When I discovered the Welcome Home Auntie Carmella sign posted in my room, I realized that I had had this feeling before. My sisters kids, Nubian and Khaalid, induce such a deep level of protective adoration as now. Kids are cute. At least my sisters ones are.

Grateful for children.

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