Sculptorades – Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway

One day I decided to go visit the Royal Palace where the king and queen (who are apparently quite personable and friendly) reside. I was just in time for the changing of the guards which was a lot less crowded than the one in England. It was pretty cool but not much unlike the whole process that happens in all the other countries. I think once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

One of my highlights of Olso was my visit to Vigeland Park. Covering 80 acres and featuring 212 bronze and granite sculptures, we certainly had our work cut out for us. The park is divided into six sections: The Main Gate, The Bridge, The Children’s Playground, The Fountain, The Monolith Plateau and the Wheel of Life. I personally liked best The Bridge which showcases nicely the “human condition”.

I took a million pictures here and I still don’t think I took enough. Kat told me it was a statue park but I was not prepared for the level of emotion conveyed by them. Who knew that a large hunk of rock or metal could evoke such depth of emotions in me?

A certain favorite is “Sinnataggen”, the little Angry Boy on the bridge. I could understand that…he was pretty cute and reminded me of that cheeky dancing baby in the Ally McBeal series.

But one of my personal favorites was the little old woman nestled between the two younger, more robust women. Though many may have thought her to look squished and frail, I experienced something quite different. In her sunken eyes and toothless grin, I felt pure happiness, something no one could touch. It came from within. I could almost hear her chuckle at finding the secret to life that the rest of us seem to be in endless search of.

Grateful for solid emotion.

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