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Amsterdon’t get run over – Amsterdam, Holland

Monday morning we docked in Amsterdam and I was relatively eager to get out and explore. I still felt my energy lagging but I was able to gather myself up before noon. I was pleased that the ship was a 10 minute walk to Central Station which was in close proximity to everything else.

It took a little while for me to pull back up to speed with my dodging techniques. Two trams, three bikes, and several cars later, I remembered that this was the city that tries to runneth me over. Oh yes…it’s Frogger time once again.

Dam Square was filled with police and fence barricades rather than street performers and buskers so it wasn’t very interesting. I found out that they were setting up for the queen to come and present flowers for the remembrance day later that evening. I sat under the clock watching people feed the aggressive pigeons which would perch right on their outstretched arms.

Next I wandered up and down the way into the fairy store which I discovered years ago. It was still just as magical and mystical as I remembered it. Little trolls and elves peeked out from behind the trunk of the giant tree. Whimsical giant orbs hovered over my head while I perused the collection of jewels and gems for sale.

I strolled down the flower market and peeked my head into a few souvenir stores. Nothing really caught my eyes except the wall full of clog shaped slippers in every color of the rainbow. I was given an orange pair of these from a Dutch friend in Canada. Somehow that made them more special.

Grateful for traffic alerts.

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