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Hike to the Lighthouse – La Coruna, Spain

The morning we docked in La Coruna, Spain I made sure to wake up early. I popped out of bed and peered through the drapes to see that the sun wasn’t even up yet. Haha! I beat the sun for once. I ran into some friends at breakfast and we all planned to spend the day together hiking to the lighthouse.

The air was brisk as we set out but the sun was beaming down from a clear blue sky. We ended up walking the perimeter of the town. On the way we past many interesting structures including an odd but futuristic looking control tower, a miniature version of Stonehedge, and monument of Hercules. We also took time out to play in the playground and meditate on sea wall as the waves crashed majestically below creating rock pools.

There were many runners, cyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts taking advantage of the summary weather. I noticed the Galician city is quite geared towards exercise with trails and tracks throughout. They even have a free bike program! Along with the trolley, it kind of reminded me a bit of San Francisco. I thought it would be pretty easy to stay in shape here.

When we finally made it to the Tower of Hercules Lighthouse, I was a slightly disappointed to see the entire thing covered in scaffolding. We decided to climb the 242 steps anyway if only to see the view from up top. It was quite picturesque with the rugged coastline jutting out into the sea. Along with the interesting mix of architecture, numerous fishing spots, and the beaches spotted through the city, I imagined that this would be a charming place to live. I noticed that there were quite a few places for rent and was a bit surprised when I found myself actually considering it for a second.

Grateful for active lifestyles.

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