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Sailing across the Sea – Atlantic Ocean

The ship, Vision of the Seas, plows through the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. It is mid-day on our third sea day which means we are pretty much as far from land as we will be on this two week adventure.

I have spent most of my days at the gym enduring Australian Shawn’s (the ship’s personal trainer) grueling 30 minute sessions. He is something of a drill sergent and has created quite an intensive boot camp. We start the day off with an 8am stretch class which can then lead into abs, circuit or total body conditioning throughout the day. He has put on some great workshops with regard to diet, nutrition and wellness tips which have helped me to be a bit more thoughtful about what I ingest. I have even learned some Tai Chi which I have to say is quite a challenge on a moving ship. We have affectionately dubbed Shawn the Fitness Nazi.

The meals have been pretty decent up until now. I admit that the quality has dipped just a little in the past few days. I suppose they must be relying on stored food which of course, will compromise quality. The freshest foods created just after restocking up at a port always seem to create the most tasty cuisine.

I usually start off my day with a smoked salmon and mushroom egg white omelette which is a heavy dose of protein to assist with my amped up training schedule. The main attraction at lunch has been the do it yourself salad bar which for me include succulent jumbo shrimp, sweet cherry tomatoes, spinach, and lightly steamed asparagus spears. Topped off with some salty feta and a splash of balsamic vinegar the flavor combo is delectable to say the least.

The ship is only two thirds full which is common for Transatlantic crossings. There seem to be a lot of Canadians onboard along with quite a few Brits, a smattering of Europeans, and of course, many of the American states are well represented. I have noticed a fair bit of Spanish being spoken which would make sense since we set sail from the Dominican Republic.

The first day we moved our room furniture around to create a more feng shui energy. Truly, I don’t know what that means but it looks more spacious and seems more efficient how we replaced the beds diagonally. I love having the window that lets in the light of day and displays the frothy white waves just meters below.

Grateful for reorganization.

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