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Driving around Dominican – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

After arriving in Punta Cana on WestJet, we stayed at an all-inclusive resort for a couple days before we were to embark on our 18 day ship journey to Norway. The resort was rather typical and I wouldn’t return for anything except the powder fine sand on the beach and the loungy king-size canopy beds placed everywhere from the lobby bar to the poolside to obscure areas shaded by the leafy palms.

Needless to say, the monotonous eat-beach-sleep-drink mentality doesn’t inspire me at all so I was more than ready to jump in the rental car to drive up to Santo Domingo on Sunday afternoon. The drive was exhausting as I had to navigate crater size potholes majority of the four hour drive.

Already quite grumpy from not having slept well for the past few days, I was annoyed at the windshield washer kids at the stop lights. Although I refused and insisted they stop, they continued to clean the already spotless glass with their makeshift squigees. I knew I didn’t have any cash to hand them for their “services” so when they begged for my sandwich which I had just taken my first bite, I had to hand it over. I realized that they needed it far more than I did and actually ended up feeling half decent about the transaction, although I would have preferred it were a little less manipulative.

After a bit of a challenge trying to return the rental car it being Sunday and all, we finally made it to the ship as some of the last passengers onboard. I was probably less than optimal company for the next few days while I settled down a bit. But once I got to the gym, began eating more salads, and got to bed at a decent hour I started to feel much more human.

One good thing, was that by arriving so late for embarkation, we missed the Muster Drill. Now this tedious exercise is something I take great pains to get out of with each succeeding cruise but I seem to have solved the dilemma. The early bird may get the worm but better late than never. Besides, I never liked worms anyway.

Grateful for travel instincts.

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