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Airport Ambition

I had entertained ideas that something may go wrong that would prevent us from getting on our cruise successfully. Luckily my imagination was just that. My mind playing tricks on me. Ofcourse we wouldn’t miss the plane. Ofcourse our flight would leave on time. Ofcourse we would make our connection with plenty of time to spare. Ofcourse we would breeze through five levels of security and customs with ease. Ofcourse all of our luggage would pop out at the end of the airport trail unscathed. Ofcourse we would get a super fast shuttle driver who would deliver us to the port for a great price. Ofcourse we would board the ship early despite our optimistic itinerary. Ofcourse things would work out just right. Naturally.

All the morning, I had been dealing with my sister pointing out all of the above with a very Eeyore-ish tone. I was beginning to get very frustrated with her grumpy persistence that it may be “unlikely” we would actually make it to the cruise ship with no major upsets. It was very hard to conceal my shock when she responded to my nephew who was understandably nervous and excited at the same time.
“Mommy, what if we miss the boat?” the little one anxiously.

“It’s ok if we don’t make it,” my sister sighed heavily. “It could happen. It‘s not the end of the world.”

I mustered up the last bit of my optimism and threw out a old standby that seems to work in such situations. When there is just no reasoning or resources to argue, I resort to the adage:

Don’t worry. It will all work out in the end. If it’s not working out, then its not the end.

And at that point it hit me. She was playing “Negative Nancy” and I was just supposed to play “Positive Percy”. Oh silly me! If only I had realized we were playing a game I would have been able to bypass my frustration.

I think deep down, though I was able to present a very confident face, I was a little scared that something might go awry. I tried not to dwell or give any energy to even the slightest idea that could hijack our holiday. In any case, you can imagine my joy and secret relief when we actually stepped onto the gangway. There was no more convincing or encouraging left to do. The stressful part was over…now there was nothing left to do but enjoy. And that is just what we did.

I am grateful for the power of positive thinking.

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No Sleep for the Excited!

It’s 5:23am and my parents will be here in an hour to pick me up. I think I got about two hours of sleep but I was wide awake at 3am thinking about snacks for the plane ride. So I tossed and turned bed for a while before realizing that I may as well just get up and be in the exictement. I haven’t been this giddy about a trip in a long time! Infact, I have been waiting 10 years for this since my sister first agreed to come on a cruise with me but NOT until after she went with her husband. They went last year so now it’s my turn. Yipeee! read more

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