Murder on the Ship – Pacific Ocean

That night at dinner Trina and I tried a Murder Mystery dinner but things didn’t work out quite as planned. Half of our table ended up standing us up so we had to double up on characters. The four of us including Collette and Everett from Toledo decided we were up to the challenge of having double personalities for a few hours.

Trina and I ended up having to play twin sisters and our personas were so similar to our real life, it was uncanny. We often get asked if we are twins and most people cannot guess who is older. As the little one who always wanted to be like her big sister, I have always liked it. For years Trina would cringe and scowl that of course she was older. These days, she just smiles with me and lets them keep guessing.

We all played our multiple personalities so well that by the end of the game, no one actually pined the killer. But of course it was I that murdered Captain Stubing with a solid motive of jealousy and rage. Who could have known?

Grateful for acting the part.

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