Mercados y Playas – Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

After a solemn visit to the Cathedral (the only time during the whole trip that I saw my sister, the photographer, use her camera), we wandered down to the beach. The party was just cleaning up and all the vendors were packing up their carts.

There was an incredible dense fog which blocked the sun and covered the ground like a down filled blanket. I hadn’t seen anything like it before and questioned how it could seem so thick even though I could see sun trying her hardest to shine through. I was warm and humid which coupled with the low visibility created a very odd atmosphere. If it weren’t for the families playing on the beach, it would have been downright eerie.

We walked along the boardwalk and found the stairs down to the sandy seaside. The boys began digging in the sand right away and Trina’s face brightened as she dipped her toes in the surf. She remarked that she had a feeling that this would be their favorite memory of the trip. I took this as a cue to make sure to take lots of photos to document it well. At one point they looked like little frogs building up their sand castles quick before the waves would come and wash it away.

Trina and I soaked up the sun and admired each others new shades. As we chatted, the sun decided to overpower the moisture and the fog dissipated. We watched a man practicing martial arts on a rocky peninsula jutting out from the land just under the light house. It was a scene straight out of Karate Kid, no kidding. On the walk back to the ship from the beach, was saw one random lady completely costumed up Mardi Gras style. Either she was really really late or really early for next year…

We got back to the ship and I decided that I should walk some more. Somehow I had gotten into my head that I was going to walk a marathon (26 miles) by the end of the trip. When I realized that I had already logged more than 40 miles in just the first half of my trip, I adjusted my goal. I was going to try and walk a marathon in one day!

Grateful for beaches.

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