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Meandering – Mazatlan, Mexico

Although I didn’t get enough rest, I woke up to meet my new friend for sunrise. We had made a date to go to the gym together and I was excited to have a gym buddy. Bright-eyed Melanie greeted me with a hug and informed me sadly that her foot was hurt. We ate breakfast together anyway and then I went off to the gym on my own.

I ended up running into my sister and nephews while walking through the buffet area on my way back to the room. I decided second breakfast was in order especially since I had such a good workout.

We walked off the ship onto the dock and then were shuttled a few minutes to the port stores. My nephews were curious about all the army men everywhere. I guess we take our freedom and safety for granted in Canada. I hurried them through the tourist trap along into the streets of the real Mazatlan. We walked up and down street after street stopping occasionally to ask for directions to the cathedral. It was only a month since I had been here last and I wanted to take them to the market I had enjoyed so much.

We noticed confetti and sparkles littering the empty streets and I remembered it was Fat Tuesday. They would have just finished their mardi gras party the night before. That’s where all the people were! Sleeping it off even though it was mid-day.

The market was packed with locals and tourists alike. My Spanish proved to be a real asset when bargaining for tee-shirts, sunglasses, and my first cowgirl hat. Khaalid finally did get his puppet for a third of the price. I was excited to show them the tiny pet bird at the bakery I had discovered last time. Khaalid was tickled pink when the chirpy little creature perched on his finger then posed on his shoulder for a photo.

Grateful for knowing the way.

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