The Grumpy Bunch – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We had to take a tender into Cabo San Lucas which meant waiting in lines to board a little boat. The boat sped through the waves and let us off on the pier. My sister and nephews didn’t seem too excited about the ride but I happily snapped photos anyway. One day they would be grateful to have memories to look back on.

We walked for what seemed like forever on the search for a few select items. Nubian was obsessed with finding the next book in the series he was reading. It was frustrating that they had every one in the collection except the one he was looking for. I checked with a book exchange at a hotel I knew of but came up only with Star Wars. He thanked me for trying but I could see the disappointment on his face.

We padded along the hot cement marina taking a time out in the air conditioned mall. We found a few of the necessities we were after but still, no book. Khaalid found a marionette puppet that he absolutely had to have. I tried to convince him it would be much cheaper at the next port and probably better quality. Aunties travel experience did not impress him. He wanted the toy now and put on his best sulk possible.

By the end of the day, we were quite a grumpy bunch, hot and thirsty. We had done a lot of walking, in fact, I logged a good 10 km on my pedometer. We paused for a moment near the tender pier to watch a remarkable boy of about six drumming his heart out. It looked like a family band but this little man was clearly the star of the show. I gently pointed out to my nephews that in this country, children begin working very, very young. Their eyes softened a bit while they watched in appreciation and awe.

Later on after dinner, we tried to turn in early but the air conditioning in our room seemed to be broken. It kept spitting out cold air no matter how much we tried to adjust it. In the end, we had to leave the room while the electrical engineer came to fix it. I was grateful to have quiet time in the library in peace and silence. At one point, I looked up to see my precious family, heads in their books, lost in their stories. I smiled out loud but I don’t think any of them heard me.

Grateful for books.

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