The Early Bird gets the Warm

This morning I decided to wake before the others to take in the sunrise. I had heard the captain announce yesterday that we may see whales and dolphins at daybreak near Cabo. I sure didn’t want to miss this! I tiptoed around the room getting my gym stuff so that I could head to the gym before breakfast. Just as I was slipping out the door, I remembered my camera so I could capture any sightings for my sleepy bunkmates.

I supposed I had been a little too eager when I realized that I was one of the only people wandering the decks. I think I had about an hour before the sun actually came up so I made my way to a coffee station and grabbed a muffin too.

After strolling around the deck a few times, I met up with a few other early birds. Jim was an older man who was taking video and Melanie was a petite redhead who I instantly hit it off with. We got to talking and I was impressed with her sweet independent nature. After finding we had a lot in common, we decided to make a date for the next morning.

Grateful for early birds.

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