Motherly Love

We signed the boys up for the Kids Club which is a program designed to entertain and occupy the children of the ship. We discovered that several of the staff allocated to this area were from Canada. One guy was, in fact, from Red Deer which makes us practically neighbors. Trina’s face softened as she overheard him bantering with her youngest about new kinds of ways to play dodgeball. She murmured to no one in particular that “he’s good with kids” as she scanned the T’ween’s Activity schedule.

Although the whole interaction which took no more than about 5 minutes, I began realize how integral it was to the rest of our week. Watching my sister fully embrace the essence of motherhood, I was in awe. I could almost see her sensors doing their investigative and protective thing. It was certainly an energetic experience to see my sister demonstrating her maternal intuitions. I am sure it’s so second nature to her that she doesn’t even notice but I was deeply touched.

Once I happened upon a bird tending to her young hatchlings in a nest in the woods. It was a curious and magical thing to watch maternal instincts in action. I got the same feeling standing there while my sister sussed out the childcare situation.

I am starting to understand why they say that there is no love more powerful than a mothers love for her child. I admire Trina and her ability to love so completely. I haven’t decided if I will ever have kids, but if I do, she is certainly one of my main inspirations.

I am grateful for mothers.

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