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Motherly Love

We signed the boys up for the Kids Club which is a program designed to entertain and occupy the children of the ship. We discovered that several of the staff allocated to this area were from Canada. One guy was, in fact, from Red Deer which makes us practically neighbors. Trina’s face softened as she overheard him bantering with her youngest about new kinds of ways to play dodgeball. She murmured to no one in particular that “he’s good with kids” as she scanned the T’ween’s Activity schedule.

Although the whole interaction which took no more than about 5 minutes, I began realize how integral it was to the rest of our week. Watching my sister fully embrace the essence of motherhood, I was in awe. I could almost see her sensors doing their investigative and protective thing. It was certainly an energetic experience to see my sister demonstrating her maternal intuitions. I am sure it’s so second nature to her that she doesn’t even notice but I was deeply touched.

Once I happened upon a bird tending to her young hatchlings in a nest in the woods. It was a curious and magical thing to watch maternal instincts in action. I got the same feeling standing there while my sister sussed out the childcare situation.

I am starting to understand why they say that there is no love more powerful than a mothers love for her child. I admire Trina and her ability to love so completely. I haven’t decided if I will ever have kids, but if I do, she is certainly one of my main inspirations.

I am grateful for mothers.

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All Aboard

I was excited to see what our room would look like as I had never had an ocean view before. I have been on many, many cruises but usually just go for the very basic room. I usually reason that we are not going to spend much time in the room anyway, what with so many other things to do onboard a cruise ship. But it happened that we were able to get a very good deal on a room with a view and it seemed like the right thing to do.

It was apparent as soon as we opened the door and we were welcomed by our big picture window. I realized I would probably never be able to go back to the dark inside stateroom again. I love the sea and there is something so fantastic about being able to stare at the waves lapping below you. As I type this, I am perched beside the window calmed by the rhythm of the cool blue not more than ten meters below me. I fit perfectly on the sill, legs stretched out, netbook on my lap.

After we dropped off our stuff, we set off to explore the ship and all it had to offer. The we meandered through the buffet restaurant just before they were about to close. We snacked on some sushi which though it wasn’t the best, it certainly beat the grocery store quality ones back home. Trina was thrilled with the pineapple ice cream which boasted real chunks of the sweet tangy fruit.

I was a little disturbed to witness the couple who wanted soft serve so badly they went behind the counter to help themselves even though it was clearly marked “closed”. As I steeped my tea, I watched them from a distance but there was nothing discreet about their little secret operation. They cackled mischievously as if they were too clever for the system. The ice cream machine was not participating in their little ploy and they stood there like idiots holding their empty cones. When they smashed their cones on the counter and stomped away angrily, I felt sad.

I remembered that gluttony was one of the seven deadly sins I would be able to study here onboard this week. I have struggled with this demon myself so seeing it so pronounced will be useful. I am working on moderating my own eating habits with aim to make nutritious choices and portion awareness. But with the vast array of choices and 24 hour availability, here it will be a struggle. I will be working out every day in the gym to offset the extra calories I know will creep into my belly. But a better strategy would be to exercise my self discipline.

I am grateful for moderation.

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