No Sleep for the Excited!

It’s 5:23am and my parents will be here in an hour to pick me up. I think I got about two hours of sleep but I was wide awake at 3am thinking about snacks for the plane ride. So I tossed and turned bed for a while before realizing that I may as well just get up and be in the exictement. I haven’t been this giddy about a trip in a long time! Infact, I have been waiting 10 years for this since my sister first agreed to come on a cruise with me but NOT until after she went with her husband. They went last year so now it’s my turn. Yipeee!

One of my main inspirations for traveling in the first place was my sisters kids. I love my nephews like they are my own and I am honored to be able to learn so much from them. Kid’s are wonderful teachers. So, finally I get to travel with them and my favorite sister in the world. No wonder I can’t sleep! I am all packed up, ipod loaded, indestructible camera ready, netbook tucked into my bag, and passport in hand.

We will board the ship in Los Angeles, then we will cruise the Mexican Riviera for a week. I am just thrilled to bits to be able to show Nubian (12) and Khaalid (10) what Traveling Auntie Carmella is like. I guess I realized a while ago that we all change a bit according to our environment. And for me, traveling is my element. This is when I really shine. Most of all, I just can’t wait to share new experiences with them.

So I have packed a bag full of healthy snacks like carrots, cucumbers, nuts, and apples. But I also got them some treats like chocolate and chips. If I learned anything this past year, it is everything in moderation. No doubt I will be tired by tonight, but by then I will have the gentle waves of the ocean to rock me to sleep.

I am grateful for anticipation.

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