A Long Wet Tale

It was bound to happen as I had quite an “emotionally active” day, as my sister so tactfully put it. I don’t think I can pinpoint just one moment that did it but it was more of a barrage of insults that I had decided to face. All at once it seems. Funny thing is that I had loads of support, yet I still needed to fall down. Needless to say, I wasn’t very kind to myself. But I guess in the end, I was hard on myself in the gentlest way I could. If that makes any sense at all.

As I surveyed the damage, I wondered how long I could evade the looming cloud of regret from the train wreck that would be yesterday. I ambled out of bed and distracted myself with the computer for a bit. Facebook is great for that. Lo and behold, I was not alone in my opps-ness. I was so grateful to see that my soul sister Kari was brave enough to voice hers. We had both fallen off the same wagon seemingly at the same time…just in different cities. We digitally hugged each other, examined what could have triggered us, and shared techniques to ensure we would be better buckled in next time. We encouraged our selves to take extra special care today so as not to relapse (squash the “I-am-already-down-here-an

yway” excuse). I realized by picking myself up promptly, I may not have to weather the remorse storm after all. J

I was soaking in a warm bath deciding to be happy and healthy for today when Button decided to give me a little boost. She often gets excited when I am in the tub and chatters away while peeking in at me over the side. It occurred to me that although she is capable, she never jumps up on the ledge. I wondered why because if I am to interpret her curious beeps and inquisitive tone properly, she wants to.

I picked her up and placed her on the ledge to see what she would do. Instantly she quieted down and began inspecting each and every square inch. She maneuvered herself carefully back and forth slowly so as not to miss a spot. I watched her in amusement as she inadvertently dipped her entire tail into the warm water. I waited for her to realize it and whip it out in surprise, as cats typically react to getting wet. But that moment never came. She just kept it in the water and pranced over gingerly, reaching her little kitten nose to me for a kiss.

When she decided she’d had enough, she lept back to the floor and only to discover something was different. Suddenly she began chasing her soaking drippy tail frantically as if it were a new toy. Now I must mention, Button has an unusually long tail and when it is wet, it looks very strange indeed. I laughed out loud when she finally “caught” her prey and marched out triumphantly, tail in her mouth.

I wondered how long it would take her to realize she was biting her own tail then I saw the perfect parallel to my own recent lesson. I guess we all trip up every now and then, especially when things look different. Once our awareness adjusts, we can pick up where we left off and sometimes even learn a thing or two in the process. It’s all part of growing.

Today I am grateful for grace.

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