Peace at the Safe Way

What’s with all the crazies? I was minding my own business today just walking into the local grocery to pick up some of the peach mango salsa I’d been craving, when the weirdos began to flock. As I padded across the parking lot, an old man with frizzy hair snarled angrily in my general direction. He was on about not drinking or smoking and how women just needed to accept that they are the lesser species.

“But they never will,” he bellowed, “Because they’re STUPID!”

I didn’t know if he was talking to me or not but he followed me into the Safeway. I made a beeline down the nearest isle, which happened to be the sauce section, glancing back cautiously to see if I had lost him. He raged past loudly not paying me any attention so I assumed he’d found some other random stranger to rant at.

I searched out the shelves but they didn’t have any of the fruity salsa. A little disheartened, I decided to check the chip isle just in case by some stroke of genius, they had strategically placed it. It wouldn’t surprise me much as yesterday I found two different sized cans of garbanzo beans in two completely different sections. Food shopping can not only be an adventure, but a downright scavenger hunt on occasion. I take it as a challenge.

Anyway, I finally accepted my defeat after asking the gentleman who was taking inventory of the Pringles. “No Ma’am, it must be discontinued.” he politely observed with a shrug.

Drats, I conceded. I guess I will just have to make it myself. To make sure the trip wasn’t a complete waste, I decided to wander down the ice cream isle…just in case. Although the peanut buttery chocolate “Nuttin Better” flavor was on sale, my inner parent refused to allow me the sinful treat. Oh well, I remembered I had no room in the freezer anyway. I discovered my favorite fiber laden cereal was on sale so armed with that and a few cans of salmon I headed for the express checkout.

Just as I put my groceries down on the moving belt, a small bag of chips whizzed past my head. I turned around just in time to witness a twenty something bleach blond cursing and stomping around the Customer Service desk.

The lady behind me met my pie wide eyes and just shook her head with distain. “What’s his problem?” the cashier frowned as we all watched the agitated man barrel by and snatch up the bag of chips he had just thrown. He waved a five dollar bill erratically in the face of the next cashier who quickly pushed the sale through. After he stormed out muttering obscenities, I took a deep breath and slowed down. I realized that my adrenaline was running high and my hairs on my arms were standing up just like Buttons fur when I startle her doing something mischievous.

Needless to say, I was cautious on the way back to car but I also felt my pulse slowing to a more normal rate. I wondered why I had such a bizarre experience and what I was supposed to have learned from it. As I began to catastrophize and dwell on “How bad the world is getting”, I caught myself. This is exactly what I don’t believe in. The world is NOT going to hell in a handbag despite the economic indicators, global warming, 2012, and especially despite all the terror-bull reports from the media.

Puzzled from the odd encounters, I remembered that I was feeling quite peaceful and relaxed (I just came from a fantastic massage) at the start of the adventure. I decided to just send all involved loving calm thoughts. I imagined little doves of care and compassion to follow and land on those two troubled souls.

I suppose we all have bad days and its up to the rest of us to remind each other that this too shall pass.

Today I am grateful for compassion.

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