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Time to Travel Again

I have been stationary too long. Like my dad says, this is the most dust that has settled on my shoes for a while. I was wondering where I should go. I have a few friends waiting for me to visit in South Africa, New Zealand is always inviting, and Asia is still on my hit list. But an opportunity to go to Australia has come up. If, as it seems, is my destiny, I will head off to warmer waters in a few months.

I have sent in my application to www.islandreefjob.com and hopefully I will be considered. They are looking for an “island caretaker” to blog about island life. I know how to do that! And I’m good at it. It appears to be what I have been doing for years so I have no doubt in my mind that I am capable. Along with the recent boost of energy that usually comes just before I make a big change, I am sufficiently motivated. They are advertising it as “the best job in the world” and I am curious.

For a while, I hunkered down and did some self exploration. 2008 was a pivotal year and already, the fruits of my labors are becoming apparent. Along with staying healthy, I have learned how better to serve the world around me. A great perk of rebalancing and reprioritizing is the clarity that comes with it.

So, whether I go to Hamilton Island or find myself on the beaches of Thailand, I will be traveling and writing again very soon. Infact, next month I am traveling with my sister and my nephews down to Mexico. I have dreamt about this trip for over ten years. One of my main reasons for traveling in the first place was to inspire my these little guys. Now, seven years later, we are going and I get to show them just what their Aunty is all about. The travelling Carmella really shines when she is in her element.

And shine on I will.

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