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You Are WhereSheGoes

WhereSheGoes is a collection of stories, letters, poetry, and experiences written by women just like you. This site is a free forum for women all around the world who want to tell a story of inspiration, share a moment of laughter, and learn about ourselves through each other. No matter where we are from or what we do, we are all sacred mirrors for each other in the journey called life. Finding our connection is just the beginning of what is our powerful existence.

Years ago, a young lady decided to write down her thoughts and reflections as she traveled alone around the world. She unabashedly shared her innermost feelings and challenges. Over several years, she thoroughly described her experiences so others could know “where she goes”. Originally her online diary was intended for her family to keep track of her, but it turned out many could relate to her sincerity and open heart. After many letters of gratitude and encouragement from her readers, she began to understand the meaning of courage. She found that the more honest she was, the more rewarding her writing became. She was inspired to create this space where other women could safely express themselves and support each other in this great adventure we call life.

WhereSheGoes is an opportunity to witness and participate in authenticity in action.

You are invited to contribute your prospective about what you have learned, experienced, and created in your life. Travel tales, love lore, and reflections on self discovery are just a few of the topics we can explore. Happiness, sadness, excitement, disappointment are all emotions on the quest for truth. Send us your words and we will post them to share with all our sisters. Specify if you would like your name and/or city credited, otherwise entries will be posted anonymously.

Send all submissions, comments, and feedback to: whereshegoes at gmail dot com

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