A Painless Fall

How is it already December and still, no snow? Not only is the ground still frost free, but we have just had one of the warmest Novembers in history. The autumn that just won`t quit. Though we had a snow scare that one day, it melted before it could accumulate to anything substantial. Last year at this time, we were suffering 30 below with windchill factors high enough to freeze your snot mid-sneeze.

I guess that`s about all the complaining you`re going to hear from me. I`ll admit that secretly, I like this global warming thing if it means shorter milder winters. Ask me again after Tuesday when I am slotted in to watch National Geographics “Six Degrees Could Change the World” at my regular documentary night at the local tea house. After gaining some awareness, I may be singing a different tune but superficially, I like warm in any form it comes in. Global, local, or even just hot chili related, I`ll take it.

A new kitten called Lady Button McMuffin has come to live at my house. She is cuter than…well I couldn`t even think of anything even remotely close. Monster and she have been duking it out for top cat even though she is only a quarter the size. The Fear Fairy seems to have missed Button altogether as she appears to be completely absent of the feeling. It became shockingly obvious when she continued to not just fall off high places, but actually leapt with all her gumption. After splatting on the marble floor with a dull thud, she will jump up without missing a beat and dart off to find another such adrenaline rush. I began to wonder what stuff this creature is made of. I hope she learns how to retract her claws soon because I am not immune to pain as she seems to be.

Now that there are two of them, I am going to have to wise up to their “Fool the Human” games. The other day I walked in and caught Monster licking Button on the head lovingly. When they saw me they both froze as if they had been caught with their paws in the cookie jar. Ha! The jig is up, my pretty kitties! I am wise to your tricky ways. Now if I could just get SuperButton to realize she`s not a bird or a plane…

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