The Abundance Mentality

So it looks like this virtual junk war has triggered a full out offensive. The heat inside my chest to rid myself of this nonsense I have been holding on to is building. It started with my digital photo folder is spreading like a virus motivating me to wipe out all unnecessary items that have somehow seeped their way into my presence. The relentless hanger on-ers are about to be ousted. It began in my virtual closet but the visual clutter on and around my computer desk is no longer sheltered in my peripheral.

The dull indifference is replaced with subtle urgency now as I survey my closets and drawers. There is just so much junk I do NOT need. It`s as if my life email filter malfunctioned and let in all the spam. In this moment of passion, it`s all I can do not to fling it all off the balcony, wipe my whole hard drive, or hightail it to the airport 😉 freeing myself from its familiar yet ghastly grip.

From half used candles to $2.00 coffee receipts to warped Tupperware to dried up highlighters to clipped out magazine articles I would someday get around to…Whatever sentimentality I had attached to these items has melted away leaving cold hard practicality. As I pick up an old key ring of 20 keys to who-knows-where, I sigh. This is going to be a serious mission. I know that I haven`t been collecting for that long but somehow between then and now, I have accumulated. Luckily, I`ve awoken from my stupor and can pare down with purpose.

If I were to trace it back, I`d say that this type of thinking originated from my Dads` mantra “Don`t throw that out! You may need it one day.” With all due respect, it was my very dear old junk collecting father instilled this “need to accumulate…just in case” into me from a very young age. I guess it must have been sage advice in his generation. It`s very likely that if you need it (anything and especially things made of metal), my Dad probably has one…or three.

So I hope I have broken this collecting obsession and am able to simplify my life for good. No more trips to the evil Dollar Store (which to me is the physical equivalent of email spam) or gluttonous Costco for me. We all know squirrels are nuts and hoarding is for hamsters. This scarcity mindset doesn`t work for me. Useless stuff just clutters my life, weighing me down. It is a good thing my garbage chute is so small or I may not have had the patience to recycle some of this stuff. Whether I donate it or trash it, the return is the sanity that I sacrificed when I lied to myself “Someday I`ll use it.” Death to the junk drawer.

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.” – Plato

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  1. I rarely comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great Blog!!

  2. Zashkaser says:

    I love her blog too!!! She has amazing clothes!! And I want her hair !!!

  3. doctorbiml says:

    I love these stories! Keep making them!

  4. Lately wanted to hint HI. I found your blog a occasional days ago on Technorati and prepare been reading it more than the late scarcely any days.

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