Refining Discrimination

I just realized I have too much stuff. Last time I had this feeling I sold or gave away everything I owned. I am hoping I won`t have to take such drastic measures this time. The feeling began a few days ago and is still going strong.

Earlier this evening, I shocked myself by deleting over half of my photo archive. Sounds extreme but honestly, it didn`t even make a dent in the amount of unshowable pictures I`ve stored over the years. No one really knows this dirty secret but I am the kind of person who saves EVERY picture. Good, bad, ugly, blurry, and even the ones that were taken with the shutter closed. Yes, I know, it`s pathetic. A sick type of digital hoarding that only my hard drive is privy to.

I believe it came from an idea that in the future, I may find some hidden clue or piece of information that will solve everything. Although it may very well be just an extreme close up of a thumb over the lens, it may be valuable to someone, somewhere, sometime. What if it may mean something important! Yeah right, I think to myself as I clickity-click the delete button like automatic machine gun destroying all evidence. All I`ve learned is that I didn`t have very good photography skills.

I am also the kind of person who takes several billion of the same to up my odds at getting that “money” shot. So thanks to my superhuman index finger reflexes, I actually end up with entire folders of exactly the same picture. And embarrassingly enough, after scanning them with a discriminating eye, I notice I tend to try and capture quite insignificant things. Perhaps I was trying to be arty or something. Maybe I thought my sister the talented photographer and I share that same genetic. Or it could be that I just lacked discernment. Who knows. And at this point, who cares. Delete. Just do it.

“A rich man may be wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has discernment sees through him” -Proverbs

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