the after shock

Shattered and shiny
Frazzled and frayed
Your story was solid
You were not afraid

But suddenly they came
Like shadows in light
Took over your being
Enlightened your plight

Shot back into past lies
Your loss now became
Like lightening to thunder
Your truth was your shame

Flashback to pureness
Define what you know
Foundation you question
Like ice turned to snow

Your crystal white castle
That held up till now
Infiltrated slowly
>Destruction your tao

You played all the parts
Displayed what was real
To those who have purpose
Your truth can`t conceal

You hurt from the inside
decay futures now
Refuse to give purpose
This now wont allow

I want you to wonder
TO question your why
Cause I wasn`t offered
Your future to buy

Endure what they teach you
But learn what you know
Despite what they sell you
You reap what you sow

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