Road to Shambhala

At the moment I am sitting in the car enjoying some tunes while Chris is navigating my car through the Kootneys. We are on our way to Shambhala, the music festival I have been attending for the past few years. It`s been a good drive so far and we even got to grab some Tacotime, which I seem to crave every now and then. It`s the healthy fast food in my opinion, and they are hard to come by in Edmonton.

We left the city last night shortly after I finished work for the day. I drove down to Calgary where we met with Kelly and overnighted at her house. She was uberhelpful in drawing us some maps of the best way to get to where we needed to go before leaving to make our way to BC.

We had some grey skies and rainy spells for the first few hours of the roadtrip but pretty much right after we passed over from Alberta into British Columbia, we have had nothing but sunny skies. We are driving west now very close to the US-Canada border and will keep heading west until we get to Matts house. Matt is my old dear friend from Calgary who met up with me in South Africa. He is one solid dude and now has a new daughter who I am excited to meet.

We plan on staying in Christina Lake with Matt and his family until we leave to Shambhala early Friday morning. They live only an hour away from the festival so it will be nice to get there to brave the notoriously horrendous line Friday morning. We will be bright eyes and bushy tailed compare to the majority who have driven 10 or more hours through the night to get to the gates for the 8am open. The line has been known to take over 8 hours to get through. It is my least favorite part of the 4 day event but at least now we will minimize the damage.

If the weather co-operates, we may even get some fishing in before the weekend. Yipee! Well its almost my turn to drive so I`d better sign off. It`s going to be weird for me to be offline for almost a week. It has been a long time since I have disconnected fully from the cyberworld. To be honest, I am really looking forward to it for the first time. I am realizing just how taxing it is to be always “on”. But I am willing to admit I am not Cybersuperwoman. I haven`t take “time off” for a while so as much as I would like to write and be blogging about this trip, it may be a little to work-like for me. Like Bilbo once said, I feel I have been spreading myself too thin. Time to recharge.

Grateful for holidays.

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