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I have been getting my mind into planning the next month which is going to be exciting indeed! I am planning on attending a couple music and art festivals, one of them being Burning Man. So the preparation has begun.

Earlier this month, I was feeling sad and drained so part of me wanted to cancel all my festivity plans for the summer. Then Kevin came back from his travels and brought me some fire poi from Thailand. I haven`t spun fire in ages but now am again inspired. Once I changed my attitude and removed a few mental road blocks, I have been drawing energy from just the thought of these upcoming events. Yippeeee!

My excitement is growing daily as I make orders for playa glow and reserve my transportation. It is also confirmed that my beloved Stephanie will be accompanying me this year. She is a true burner at heart though this will be her first time going “home”. After our escapades in Hawaii, who knows what mischief we will find in Black Rock City together. We have had just a few prep meetings but we both leave vibrating in anticipatory giggles.

My very talented designer friend has been helping me create some unforgettable (not to mention very sexy) costumes. I was at her house knee deep in fabric when lo and behold, what did I almost sit on? Inches away from me curled up in some grey fun fur was a tiny ball of REAL fur. Apparently she was abandoned in the back alley and was cowering under some garbage cans a few weeks ago.

She was barely a palmful and so young her eyes had just opened. Chris and Cleo rescued her into their garage where she had to stay because of household allergies. They have been trying to wean her and somewhat protect her from their two very excitable dogs who think she is a ball to be pushed around with their noses.

When Cleo asked me if I wanted her, what the heck was she thinking? She was talking to Carmella, the kid who used to bring stray cats into the school bathroom and kidnap the neighbors cat.

“Good Night Carmella,” my mom would say poking her head in on the way to bed.


“What was that?” she would double back into my room.

“Nothing,” a sweet five year old Carmella would answer ever so convincingly. “I said Gnite, that`s all.”

Just as she was about to leave again….”Meeooooowwww,” came a whining from the direction of my closet.

Foiled again, I would think when my mom would discover my most recent secret pet which would bolt out when my mom opened the closet doors.

Anyway. 25 years later not much has changed except that now I can offer these little abandoned orphans penthouse living with all the kitty vittles and cuddles they can take. And they don`t have to hide in the closet until the parents go to bed. 😉 Well, I will never be “that cat lady.” Two is enough so Magic and ??? will have no more additions.

So, I have a new addition to my family as she is just starting to eat solid food. She is very fluffy grey with eyes that match her fur perfectly. And a little black nose. She has a very peculiar nature which leads me to believe she may have been a rabbit or sheep in a previous life. Her odd body shape and slightly crazed eyes have had me question her sanity. Then again, maybe it`s just been too long since I have been around a kitten.

Magic is not quite her best friend yet. And she seems a little annoyed that little won`t fight back. She just rolls over on her back passively making Magic look like a giant bully if she advances. Magic still gets the exclusive right to sleep in my bed with me at night at which time she is very needy for reassurance. It is really quite endearing and helps me forgive the occasional spooks she gives the kitty. It is like she has found an imaginary button that automatically launches kitty vertically three feet in the air. Though it is mean, it`s harmless and so hard not to laugh. I reason that this is part of the process and one day, Magic will enjoy teaching her protégé all her tricks.

Cuters has charmed me into loving her so quickly it is scary. She has a habit of standing on my feet when I am working in the kitchen. And when she is not chasing her tail, she is catching her shadow or hopping around, frightening herself in the mirror. She is like a little tornado of energy then suddenly without warning, will fall over and start snoring. Have you ever seen a cat with narcolepsy? Now…if only I could think of a name?

Grateful for kittens.

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