Ferret the kids

I have been a little down lately but today was a turn around. I guess sometimes in life, it gets muggy and hot and things just feel tired. I guess it doesn`t help that the weather has been this way and I have been struggling with another bout of insomnia. I get this sometimes and it is awful when you have too much to think about. The “things” just run through your head over and over making you feel nuts. And there is nothing you can do but turn over. Again and again until hopefully, you pass out from exhaustion.

I have taken a break from the yoga deciding that the 42 days in a row was enough for me. I have resumed lifting weights and have begun jogging outside in the summer sun. Today I over did that special summer sun and am now here trying with all my might to resist scratching the itchy sunburn. My back is lobster red and no matter how I have twisted, I can`t seem to get the cooling, healing aloe vera to all the far bits.

The other day I dressed up in a ferret mascot costume for an event called Sunday in the Park downtown. It was fun doing this bit of volunteer work for the Alberta Ferret Society because there were more than 20 other mascots representing the various organizations. There were cats, dogs, a giant sun, a fire safety bear, and even a huge round football with eyes. We were all posing for photos, running around hugging kids, and dancing about. My Mom came with me and to be honest, I think she did a better job than I. I have a lot of fun with this kind of volunteer work but I had no idea my Mom would shine the way she did. Now I know where I get my performance skills and charisma from. I couldn`t help but just smile proudly that she was having such an charming effect on all the crowd, young and old alike.

It was close to 30 C that afternoon so inside the costume it was like an oven. I was glad we took shifts because I was about to pass out after 40 minutes. Of course, no matter how desperate you get, can`t just take your head off in front of the kids or you risk traumatizing them for life. I had gotten too far away from the safety of the air conditioned resting room. At this point, it`s tricky because you can deteriorate quickly but you can`t just plow through the outstretched arms of the children running at you for hugs.

So what I am saying is it takes endurance and stamina to do this job well. And my mom, though her hair was plastered to her head in sweat, held the biggest grin on her overheated red face when I pulled off Digsby`s head at the end of the shift. I love that she and I are so alike.

Grateful for charisma.

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