Smokin` hot and then some

What can I say? It`s hot. Smokin` hot, as my yoga instructors would say. This past week, I have made it to yoga everyday though I have given myself a break. I have allowed myself to take it easy only pushing to about 85 percent of my ability. I even warned Ricky before one of the classes though I managed to do a whole lot better than I had predicted.

Summer is here in full force and I will admit, I am loving it yet struggling. It`s just about 10pm and still 30 C. There are no showers in the forecast tonight which is a bummer because if there were, they would be thunderboomers for sure.

Today I went for a late lunch with my sister. We strolled along Whyte Ave which was full of people enjoying the summer sun. After eating too much, we high tailed it back to my condo so she could pick up her kids on time. It was a good reminder why its not a good idea to overeat on a scorching day.

After convincing my friend who works just a few minutes away downtown across the river to come over, we cracked some cold beers. We were trying to race the heat and snack on what would have been sushi. It cooked within minutes on my 20th floor balcony. There was just no hope for any kind of coolness way up here. After catching up on a few months of news, we decided it would be a good idea to take a dip in the refreshing cool waters of the pool downstairs. After bringing our temperatures down to normal, we laid out among the flowers in the patio garden.

I am thinking, who needs to go to Bikram studio when I could just practice my postures in this heat? Yes, I am hearing more of my friends are getting air conditioning installed. Which leads me to the conclusion that global warming is alive and well up here in Canada. We are melting alright, and good. I managed to get a little color and realized that this may not be a bad thing, considering I am planning on ending off my summer in the desert.

Grateful for refrigeration.

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