Toe Slice and Nice Kites

This week was a good one for the most part although I was super busy with this new game. I also had a bunch of month end stuff to get done so I actually missed a few parties that I would have liked to attend. But that`s the thing with parties…there will always be another one.

So yoga went quite well except for the other day when I felt completely overheated. I was having trouble getting a full breath of air so I attempted to step outside during the spine strengthening series. Big mistake. As I opened the door, I scraped the sharp metal edge right across my big toe. Immediately the inch long gash began to squirt blood. It was kinda gross but I was more shocked than anything that a wound so deep didn`t hurt.

After bandaging it up, I slipped back into class for the rest of the floor postures. It wasn`t until savasana that I really got a dose of the pain that was to come. As I laid in dead corpse pose, an intense throbbing sting permeated my toe. I winced as I realized that it was going to be a hurter after all.

So I have been favoring my left foot for a couple days but now I focusing more on healing my injury. It`s really interfering with my yoga practice so I just won`t have it. I am willing it to go away and guess what, magically it seems to be listening. I don`t even need a bandage anymore.

Today I went and flew kites with my nephews until a rainstorm came to ruin our fun. We got a good half hour of solid airtime though. It was pretty cool to launch all three of our oversized dragon style kites high up into the sky. The fantastical creatures are over 6 feet long and look pretty amazing with their full wing span. The fiery bright colors and long dragon tails caught the attention of a few passersby.

I tried to sing the kite song to my nephews but realized I only knew one line of the famous Mary Poppins tune…”Let`s go fly a kite….” I promised them I would learn the rest of it for next time.

Grateful for kites.

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