Funnily enough…

The weekend was rainy but I suppose I made the best of it. I completed my yoga faithfully though I mist admit it wasn`t easy. After that double on Friday, I was extremely sore for three days. I took an Epson salt bath which helped quite a lot but I realize that bodies do have their limits. I will respect that.

I went out on the balcony at one point to get some fresh air and got quite a rude surprise. I guess that if you slam the sliding door too hard it locks. Being locked out in the cold (and it wasn`t a nice day…and I was only wearing a tees shirt) on the 20th floor is not the best situation.

Luckily, with the technology of cell phones, I was able to call my mum who gave me the phone number of the building manager. I was a little embarrassed when he had to come in my front door to see me peering in through the glass covered in goosebumps. But all is well and now I know not to venture out to my balcony WITHOUT my cellphone.

I also spent many many hours watching Battlestar Gallactica. I have just discovered this series and have been ODing on it like mad. I watch half a season in one sitting. I must admit that I am getting worried as I am just about finished the second season. It is safe to say I am addicted and how. I think I have even dreamt up episodes. Not surprising. Good imaginations…

Grateful for Battlestar Gallactica.

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