Double Double

Everyday, I try to learn something new. A sure way to make this happen is by trying something you have never done before. On Friday I did just that. I did two hot yoga classes back to back. I made sure I was well rested then went in for the 930am class. I made sure to take easy and pace myself. In the hour between classes, I had an herbal energy drink and some bites of power cookie. Then I went back into the room and rested before the next round.

The second class was surprisingly easy and I was absolutely shocked at how flexible I was. I guess I loosened up a lot in the first 90 minutes so now as long as I could fight the fatigue, I would grow. I think the astonishment at how bendy I was gave me that extra little kick of energy to make it through.

I was so happy with myself and was thrilled to be able to put two stickers in one day on the 30 Day Challenge progress board. I commemorated my first “double” by cutting the giant silly happy monkey sticker in half and somehow squishing him onto two squares. I had been trying to figure out a way to use the largest sticker in the pile so solving that was a bonus.

Afterwards, I discovered a new sushi place that uses coupons. What could be better than sushi? Two for one sushi! Double the pleasure, double the fun. I was a bit leery as the décor wasn’t as fancy as my usual haunt. But the staff were super friendly even allowing us in although they were about to close. We tried a few different rolls and makis discovering that Fuji is a better value for the money than Kyoto, as long as you have the coupons. The staff at Fuji wins hands down and I will go back if only for that reason. Good friendly service is so so important to me. So for now, in Edmonton, Fuji beats Kyoto for sushi.

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