Happy Summer Storms

I have just realized that today is the first day of summer. I cannot believe it slipped by me but I caught it before the clock turned to midnight. We have been getting some tremendous thunderstorms in the past few days. I even got some photos of a funnel cloud forming directly above the car on the way home one day. It didn`t turn into a tornado but the hail and severe winds that ensued were dramatic enough.

I love storms and watching lightening shatter across the night sky is only second to the bursting crack of earthshaking thunder that jolts us out of the hypnotic visuals. I am so humbled by nature and watching storm clouds is one of my favorite hobbies. I have had this fascination for almost twenty years to the date. It started just after the first tornado hit Edmonton back in 1997.

After Black Friday, which had me out in the thick of it all collecting up the gigantic hailstones to store in the freezer, I was obsessed. We didn`t know we were in the middle of a tornado at the time when my sister and I watched the bizarre weather developing around us.

I didn`t even know what a tornado was at that point but after, I made it my business to know every detail of the weather patterns. I still know the phone number to Environment Canada off by heart. I would call the number every few minutes when it seemed dark clouds were brewing for updates of watches and warnings. As well I would be nervous but excited as I watched the news ticker on the bottom of the local TV channels.

Anyway, I always thought I should have been a weather person with how passionate I am. But after watching Twister and some other storm chaser movies, I realized that it probably would be a little too stressful for someone like me. But I am still the kind of person who skips the movie to stay in the theater parking lot to watch a good thunderboomer. After all, you can`t beat Mother Nature for real entertainment.

Grateful for weather.

Ps. the day after I wrote this there was a massive tornado two provinces over…check out this amazing footage http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/index.html# http://video.canada.com/VideoContent.aspx?fl=1&popup=1 http://video.canada.com/Global_VideoContentHTML.aspx?23695&vc=1&popup=1

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