Pushing through the hard part

It`s been almost a whole week since I have written and I feel a little bad. But then I really couldn`t feel worse that I did. I basically got very overwhelmed then got sick so I had to take a break. The only thing I didn`t take a break from was the yoga. Oh man. It just about killed me too.

I must have hit some kind of imaginary wall or something but I just couldn`t pick myself up. It was so bad that I was almost crying one day from the intensity of it all. I couldn`t get past the nausea for a few days in a row and it was all I could do to just stay in the room. I was really getting worried that I may not have it in me. I had to talk myself into just going by giving myself permission to lay down on the floor the whole class if I needed to. Luckily I didn`t need to. I did about 90 percent of the postures to about 70 percent of my ability for about three days in a row.

And then suddenly I was fine.

After some thought, I figure it must have been some kind of phase I had to go through. Maybe I was detoxing something awful but whatever it was, it is over now. I am now doing toe stand on both feet for several moments and finally getting the hang of Triangle. And in the last couple days, I have touched my forehead to the floor in Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana pose. Now if I could just learn how to pronounce it.

Grateful for ice.

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