Hunting my prey

I am tired. I am sick of trying to guess what humans motives are. I am exhausted by the trickery and deception that people have with each other. It`s sick really. And I wish I didn`t see it. I am sorry for being so negative but it is what it is.

I suppose I am supposed to take a moment. A reality check. But truth is…it is a dis-reality. There is nothing I can rely on in this outer world. It is so very clear, I don`t belong here.

-the other one

So this is a small excerpt from a diary of the alien. I have been watching Battlestar Galactica lately and it has been playing wonderful fantasies in my imagination. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like…to live in a space that we couldn`t know. Ah. That is so far from our comprehension.

Today I went to yoga and it was a lifesaver. Julie was our instructor and I swear she was zooming through the class JUST-for-ME. I felt calm and collected. I maintained myself for every posture and with focus, I passed.

Even near the end I didn`t want to jinx my luck. I kept being thankful that I was not feeling ill and that I could breath evenly. I wondered how much the coconut juice I downed before class had to do with it…

I have to ask myself how I was able to get through this with such ease for the first month. Today I left my class with such an amazing sense of relief. Maybe I can do this. Tomorrow starts the true test Now I cannot miss a day as I signed the sheet. This is for the record.

I dream, every nite in the softness of my sheets…that I will be strong and endure. I imagine that I will be a muscle machine anticipating the postures like a puma it`s prey. I know this sounds ultra dramatic…but when you are challenging yourself…no holds barred.

Grateful for tenacity.

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