Worst Yoga Class Ever

On Tuesday I made it to the early yoga then had a full day of work ahead of me. I plugged away at work. I puttered around the house most of the day glad to be home. Magic mananged to mess up the house so I had to tidy up after her. She pretty much destroyed her scratching post and now there are fluffy bits in every nook and cranny.

Wednesday I went to yoga at noon even though I really didn`t feel like it. I debated on going later but thought it best just to get it out of the way. Wrong move. I had the worst class ever. Even though I didn`t have to leave the room, I had to lay down through at least three postures. It was Brutal. I began wondering how on earth I was going to continue this for the next couple months. I think began trying to figure out ways that I could justify quitting. It was that bad.

I felt so weak and ruined afterwards, I barely made it home in one piece. I later realized that I had made the mistake of not eating anything all morning. I know its better to do the class on an empty stomach but now I know listening to my body is more important. Carmella + No Fuel = Brutal Yoga. Lesson learned.

I felt terrible the rest of the day having severe stomach cramps and completely low energy. I guess this is payback for all the junk I ate this past weekend. I think this awfulness is just a detoxification of the butter, sugar, wine, and bread I stuffed myself with. That`ll teach me.

Grateful for quick but powerful lessons.

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