Chillaxin in the Mountains – Fairmont, British Columbia, Canada

The weekend went by at a leisurely pace. Nothing major stood out except for the greek food and the yoga class. The class was different than the kind I am used to but some of the postures were similar. I didn`t really feel challenged at all and though the instructor was nice, she didn`t seem very positive. She kept talking about how terrible she felt and how she just didn`t know what was going on. It was a strange experience but I just did my best to maintain my space and focus on my body.

After the class was over and everyone left, I put on all my clothes and went through the 26 Bikram postures. By the end, I had worked up a sweat and was surprised to find droplets dripping from my chin. I thought that it was mainly the heat that made me so soggy but now I see that the poses alone work up a sweat.

I tried to fish but the weather wouldn`t have it as big juicy raindrops splashed down as soon as my line hit the water. I would have been happy to fish in the rain but the wind made it too uncomfortable. The river wasn`t very clear anyway so I decided it just wasn`t meant to be.

The whole weekend was rather chilly and overcast so I read by the fireplace and took overfilled bubble baths in the Jacuzzi. I watched lots of cooking shows, Discovery Channel, and the last half of the Diary of Anne Frank. The comedy network had some funny acts which was a shocker for me as I am a tough crowd for standup comedians.

There was a super tasty authentic Greek food restaurant that served up spicy falafels, donairs drenched in sweet sauce and kalamari with tzatziki. It was so good that even as I was still licking my saucy fingers, I was planning on how many times I could eat there over the next couple days.

I love seeing wildlife and there was plenty of that. Its very common to see bears and dear wandering around the golf course. I was thrilled to have seen a fawn meandering across the street to chomp down on some buttercup yellow wildflowers. The cottony clouds draped themselves over the mountain tops tumbling softly over the cliffs.

I love the nature here in the Rockies and don`t think I will ever tire of it. I will be an 80 year old granny shrieking in excitement when I spot a deer, otter, or bear. I am pretty sure I will always see these moments as a gift from nature, a moment of purity.

Grateful for awe-inspiring nature.

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