Extra Buttery Creamy Goodness – Banff, Alberta, Canada

It was a long drive from Edmonton to Fairmont though after a few breaks, it was do-able. I love how friendly the service station staff are so long as you talk to them as people. I also realized that as long as you put your mind to it, you can focus and concentrate on the road to get to exactly where you need to go.

Seb got tired so I took over just before Banff. I munched some nuts and put on some of my favorite tunes. I accerated winding through the giant Rocky Mountians like it was old school. I rediscovered my old passion for driving playing leap frog with the semis and RVs inching slowly along the mile. I felt a sense of freedom and clarity when all I could see was black tarmac and untouched nature. Seb was sleeping so once again I saw wildlife moments meant only for me. There is nothing more precious than baby bears. How pure.

After arriving at the condo, we were both quite exhausted but knew we needed to eat. We took a shop at the local supermarket before settling in for the night. As I don`t watch TV as a regular habit, it was really quite a treat. I found it interesting that I was more amused by the commercials than regular programming. The imagination that would strive to snag my curiosity and my interest was challenged only by my dreams, the ultimate in creation technology.

Friday night, we perused the store finding tea, spinach/feta perogies and my very favorite, fresh baked sourdough bread. We added red wine to the mix which is quickly becoming a rare treat to my pallet. But after pouring a crystal glass of deep red vino, I popped some “extra buttery” popcorn in the micro. If I weren`t on holiday, there is no way I would have been able to justify dumping a quarter cup of sweet melted rich buttery goodness on the already extra buttered corn. But hey, I am enjoying it. And how.

Grateful for old school indulgence.

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