My Yoda

After Mondays reality check, I still made it to yoga every day but not always at 6am. I decided to make the commitment to go and just take it easy. It`s hard for me to do this as I always want to try 110 percent right from the start. This burns me out quicker and if I am at all weak, I will be struggling badly by the end. I find that I will attach ugly feelings to the class and my practice during this time of intense difficulty.

I am so grateful that I am learning to be more gentle and listening to my body now. For years, I have had the habit of collecting random bruises which I could not explain but now I am becoming more self aware. Though I am ambitious and eager to progress, I see the importance of a solid foundation.

I learned that I must distribute my energy evenly throughout all the postures. This knowing has made all the difference. I am discovering greater harmony between my mind and body which allows for better balance in all areas. The strangest thing is that I am not really trying. It is all happening quite naturally and I am pretty sure it is a by-product of this daily yoga. Who knew? I have intensely resisted yoga and the idea of it for so many years of my life.

The rest of the week went a whole lot better than day one. In fact by weeks end, I was hitting new levels in my yoga practice. I was able to balance for about 15 seconds in toe stand and it took a lot of self control not to let out a little whoop of triumphant excitement. They say when you are ready, your teacher will appear. I have been waiting for my “Yoda” for years. I always thought it was a person I was looking for but my most precious lessons lately are coming from “yoga.” I guess I am learning to be more flexible in more than one way.

Grateful for body awareness.

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